Contemporary Penthouse in Kiev Exhibits Original Arch Roofing

Kitchen and living room - Kiev contemporary penthouse

Ukraine-based Alex Obraztsov completed the design of a contemporary penthouse in Kiev’s city center. The concept behind the High Lounge project— “Life is wisely thrifty: all new things are made of old ones”— is inspired by a poem belonging to Russian writer Konstantin Forfanov.

Discovered on site, the original arch roofing system was exposed and adds function to the space — aside from extending the living areas, it works as a space divider as well. The steel beam structures complement the plywood panels for a bold, modern look. The newly added terrace has ample space for outdoor relaxation with breathtaking views of the city.

Living room with brick wall - Kiev contemporary penthouse

The living room’s dark color palette of gray and black is accented by bold colorful artworks from modern Ukrainian and Japanese painters Oksana Masj and Valerij Startsevand Kenzo Takada. The striking white lacquered kitchen and bathroom further add to the contemporary style of this penthouse. Large windows let in ample natural light during the day, while at night the soft, built-in lighting creates a warm, intimate ambiance. [Photography courtesy of Alex Obraztsov]

Kitchen with arch roof - Kiev contemporary penthouse

Living room with artwork - Kiev contemporary penthouse

Living room - Kiev contemporary penthouse

Bedroom with arch roof - Kiev contemporary penthouse

Bathroom with arch roof - Kiev contemporary penthouse

Outdoor terrace at night - Kiev contemporary penthouse











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